NFL Player Carl Davis Jr. Spends A Day in the Trenches Serving Detroit Youth

Brandon Jackson
Greatness Camp


Detroit Native Carl Davis Jr. provides shopping spree, backpacks and words of wisd om to local youth.

Detroit, MI July 14, 2017 - Baltimore Ravens Player Carl Davis Jr., returned to his hometown of Detroit yesterday for a day of service to help and provide words of wisdom for local youth. Davis, the founder of Trenchwork Foundation along with Brandon Jackson, founder of Greatness Camp, partnered for a Day of Service that entailed providing a shopping spree and lunch for area youth, distributing backpacks, and donations to the area football teams to give back to their community.

“It’s important to me that children in Detroit know that they matter to me. Despite everything they see or hear about, I want them to know that success is a possibility for them too. This is why I came home: to be in the Trenches. To serve. To let them know that even though I am in a different city the children in Detroit and my neighborhood still matter to me,” said Carl Davis Jr.

Davis’ and Jackson’s day started with a visit to Mackenzie Elementary School where five students were chauffeured by Detroit Sprinters’ Mercedes Benz Limousine to Walmart. Jackson stated that often students are hesitant about going to school because they know they will not be prepared. Trenchwork Foundation and Greatness Camp wanted to partner along with Under Armour, to provide backpacks and school supplies, which would allow the students shopping spree to focus on other items and provide these students an opportunity to look forward to this upcoming school year! Walmart pitched in and donated $1,000 to the Trenchwork Foundation which Davis founded. The students from Mackenzie were given a $200 shopping spree and had the opportunity to shop and have lunch with Davis and Jackson. “It was humbling and a blessing to be able to do something I always wanted to do,” said Carl Davis. After that, Davis and Jackson met with the Cody High School football team to discuss community, relationship building and the importance of being a team. Willie Henry, is a Raven teammate of Carl and former Michigan Wolverine was also in attendance to support the effort.

Davis and Jackson shared their experiences about growing up in the area and being committed to serving the community and answered questions from youth.

Finally wrapping up the day Trenchwork Foundation met with 220 players and cheerleaders and donated $1,000 to the Westside Steeler to purchase equipment and support the program. Westside Steeler President Dion Norman stated that he was very excited about the donation and it will help the organization greatly. “We could purchase approximately 60 sets of shoulder pads and additional equipment needed for our players,” said Norman.

Trenchwork Foundation: Carl Davis was born and raised in one of Detroit's most disadvantaged neighborhoods. During Carl's early childhood the area was healthy and thriving, but due to the loss of jobs, the increase in crime, and lack of other essential resources, people began to flee the city. From this came Carl's inspiration for the Trenchwork Foundation, with a mission to "Build a Community" and to rejuvenate Detroit's toughest areas into a thriving community full of opportunities. For more information, please visit

Greatness Camp:
The Greatness Camp is an Educational Consulting Enterprise that provides academic resources through partnering with educational and community entities to provide programs and workshops to achieve college readiness and academic success for underserved and underrepresented students pursuing degree attainment K-20. Our goal is to provide expert consultation and delivery of a multi-dimensional platform of academic performance services with a focus on increasing awareness, motivation, and preparation to succeed academically, socially and personally to the level that will ensure the attainment of college degrees.
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Sponsors: Trenchwork Foundation, Greatness Camp, Walmart, Under Armour and Detroit Sprinter, Executive Transportation